ZONE 1 (Poland)
Shipping cost: 15 zł
Delivery time: 1-3 business days (shipping via DHL)
*free shipping for orders over 1000 PLN in ZONE 1 and 2
ZONE 2 (EU countries + Northern Ireland)
Standard shipping cost: 65 PLN
Express shipping cost: 120 zł
*free shipping for orders over 1000 PLN in Zones 1 and 2
ZONE 3 (UK, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Norway )
Standard shipping cost: 120 zł
Express shipping cost: 160 zł
ZONE 4 (United States)
Shipping cost: 250 zł
* Please note that during the sale period, the delivery time may be extended..
Customs Fees
Our orders are processed and shipped from the European Union, therefore orders shipped outside the European Union may be subject to additional customs/import fees. These costs must be paid by the customer.
Due to Brexit, orders to the UK over €150 are subject to customs duty and import charge. We cannot estimate or control the above amount as customs regulations vary from country to country.
In case of failure to cover the costs resulting from additional customs fees, the shipment is considered abandoned and the order will not be refunded.